Cell and Organ Regeneration Program

The Cell and Organ Regeneration (COR) Program is a consciousness based program founded on the scientific research of Grigori Grabovoi, Arcady Petrov, and others. This is an experiential workshop. The ultimate goal is to become the person that you and the Creator intended you to be.

Level I - Self Healing: You will receive a series of "Processes" and unique "Healing Number Codes" which will enable you to correct functioning of the physical body. You will begin works of regeneration and restoration of the organs, teeth, bones, eyes, spine, and more within your own body. This is the regeneration of the body cells and organs. Prerequisite: None, although some experience with energy work is preferred.

Level II - Practitioner: The focus will include more Processes and Number Codes. There will be more information on the practical application of the work and you as the facilitator/teacher. Prerequisite: COR Level I.

In the near future, medical practice will be changing. It will evolve from a predominantly physical treatment of the body (treatment of symptoms) to a holistic consideration and treatment of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual areas in the organism (treatment of the sources). This includes the harmony between spirit and consciousness as well as their restoration.

It's not just about physical restoration of the individual, but also about harmonizing interaction with oneself, with others and the environment. It's also about the Collective Consciousness. For more information go to:

YouTube videos "Light of Eternity" by Arcady Petrov

Ken Graydon (Australia) www.healingintention.org

Cell and Organ Regeneration
Level I - Self Healing
Fee $150

Cell and Organ Regeneration
Level II - Practitioner
Fee $150